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Tips for Rehoming a Pet

Rehoming Your Pet

in the Las Vegas Valley

There are a lot of people throughout the Las Vegas Valley looking for a furry friend just like yours! Before bringing your pet to The Animal Foundation or any other rescue group, download this rehoming tool kit and try to find a new forever home for your pet on your own.

Below are some quick tips for rehoming your pet:

  • Start by taking good photos of your pet (a photo of your pet’s face and your pet’s whole body)
  • Compose your pet’s biography so you can post him on an Adoptable Pets page or flyer
  • Describe the ideal home you would like to find for your pet
  • If your pet has a behavior problem, you need to disclose this
  • List your re-home fee (if any), and what this includes (food, beding, cat tree, etc.)
  • Use this information to make a flyer and to post on social media sites
  • It helps if you share the circumstances of your situation without getting too personal

The rehoming tool kit will walk you through these steps, and includes a sample application for your use when considering potential adoptees.

Additional Tips

  • Spread the word to family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even out-of-state relatives and friends. Social media is a great way to do this.
  • When posting on social media, use high-quality photos of your pet and include the rehoming circumstances and describe what makes your pet special. Always include what type of home you think your pet would do best in (kids, no kids, quiet, active, no other cats, etc.)
  • Try searching for assistance through online rescue & adoption services. Get a list of rescue groups in your area and surrounding states at: or on the Rescue & Assistance page for Las Vegas.
  • Consider posting your pet on neighborhood forums, like your neighborhood Facebook group or the Nextdoor App (, as many people in your area will consider helping you.
  • Place a color photo flyer on bulletin boards at vet clinics, pet supply stores, & grooming shops.
  • Reach out to online local & nationwide breed-specific rescue groups and clubs, if applicable.
  • Do not post on sites like Craigslist.
  • Be diligent when screening potential new homes / guardians. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there with nefarious intentions for animals.

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