Cat Adoption Success

All About Purrs offers a Cat Adoption Success Program to families who have rescued or plan to rescue a cat or kitten.

  • We facilitate the adoption process with a reputable rescue organization;
  • We prepare the family for bringing the new cat home; and
  • We assist the family with how to care for a cat.

We help make the transition from rescue to new home as smooth as possible for the new kitty and the family. The first 2-4 weeks is critical to adoption success. It takes preparation, knowledge, patience and support. We are here to provide this assistance.

Our goal is to keep cats in their adoptive homes, out of shelters and off the streets by reducing the chances of behavior issues arising after adoption. We want every family to build healthy, loving bonds with their companion cats.

All About Purrs understands this can be challenging if the cat is not feeling well or is unsettled in his new home and is acting out. Our goal is to set the family and the cat up for success from the beginning. However, if we need to come into the process later, we are happy to do so. Our purpose is always the same.

For more information on our customizable program, submit inquiry.

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