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Living with a cat can be one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. It can also be one of the most challenging when your cat’s actions are frustrating you or a family member. No one likes it when their cat urinates outside the litter box or starts to use the new sofa as a scratching post. Some actions can even break your heart like when your cat is extremely fearful and you find him living his life hidden under furniture.

This site is full of educational information and suggestions designed to help you understand why cats do what they do and solutions for modifying behaviors. However, there are times when a third, neutral party can help the situation.

A Cat Behavior Consultant is someone who specializes in preventing, managing, and modifying challenging behaviors in cats. We help to determine what might be causing your cat to behave the way it does and assist you in modifying that behavior with a Behavior Modification Plan. But first, we try to help you understand what motivates your cat and why.  The behavior modification plan might involve you modifying the environment, learning new ways to interact with your cat and more. We may also suggest certain feline products that may help based on our experience.

‘Think Like A Cat’ Approach

All About Purrs utilizes the Pam Johnson-Bennett, “Think Like A Cat” approach to training which is based on positive reinforcement, understanding what a cat needs, and what he is communicating by his behavior. If you want your cat to stop doing something, then you direct her to something better and then reward her when she gets it right. This think like a cat method involves understanding why the cat is behaving a certain way so you can meet those needs in a way that’s acceptable to both of you.

Not a Cure

It is important to understand that there is not a “cure” for every behavior issue and in most cases the behavior is just managed. Our goal is to help you live in harmony with your cat, and to better understand how to meet your cat’s needs which will ultimately lead to a happy cat and a happy home for all.

Program Options

The ideal way for a behavior consultant to assess a behavior issue is to observe the cat in his environment but if your location or timing prohibit this, consultations can be conducted remotely / virtually.

Behavior Assessment & Modification Plan
  • Initial Phone Consultation (15 mins)
  • Behavior Assessment History Form (client completes online)
  • In-home Behavior Consultation & Assessment (up to 2 hrs)*
  • Behavior Modification Plan & Handouts (2 page Summary Plan)
  • Unlimited Follow-up Email, Text & Phone Support (3 months)
Program Fee $175-195
Follow-up In-home Visit $65 
–Each program covers one behavior topic. Should another unrelated behavior issue arise within 12 months, the program fee is discounted 20%.
–*Can be conducted remotely via Skype at a reduced rate. For on-site consultations/visits exceeding 10 mile radius from 215 & W. Charleston in Las Vegas, a $1/mile mileage surcharge applies.
–A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking consultation (due after initial phone consultation and completion of Behavior Assessment History form).
Terms of Assessment & Behavior Modification Plan form to be signed prior to consultation.
Unlimited Text & Email Cat Behavior Support

This monthly Unlimited Text & Email Behavior Support plan is for those who want to continue support beyond the above plan or who had an initial phone consultation but are not ready for an on-site assessment. This support plan can be cancelled at any time with 30-day text, email or written notice.

Monthly Fee $65
30-Minute Phone Consultation

The 30-minute Phone Consultation for general advice on cat topics. These calls can cover advice on whether your cat’s behavior is “normal” or if you may need veterinary or behavioral help. The calls can cover topics such as counter-surfing, furniture scratching and other destructive or disruptive activity.

For more complex issues (e.g., litter box avoidance or aggression), an introductory phone consultation can provide general recommendations that may give you a place to start. Improvements are often seen with simple changes (i.e., litter box setup fixes) but many such issues are complex and will require more than an short phone call to fully resolve or manage.

–This call is NOT meant to fully assess your situation. This requires an in-person consultation so that your cat can be fully evaluated and provided with an appropriate behavior modification plan.
–If you decide to move on to a full Behavior Assessment and Modification Plan within 2 weeks after the introductory phone consultation, the $45 fee will be credited towards the price of your full plan.
Call Fee $45

Animal Welfare Organizations

Shelters and rescue environments can be overwhelming, even for a cat who was confident in their home environment. Their routines have changed, everything smells different, other cats are threatening, and they’ve been stripped of having choices and control. Often these cats become fractious or depressed, causing them to be overlooked.

In high volume shelters, where space is limited, length of stay is shorter, and no cat behavior staff to work with them, often there is no choice but to humanely euthanize them before they become ill due to the increased stress.

​Lisa, founder of All About Purrs, works with shelters to implement cat enrichment programs, in educating staff and volunteers of cat needs, and training how to help cats gain their confidence back.

If you’d be interesting in talking more about having Lisa visit your shelter, please email her here.

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