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Lisa and All About Purrs…

Susan D., Summerlin, Las Vegas

“OMG I am thrilled!! Thank you – you are the cat whispherer!! 🙂 🙂 Soooo happy!! If you want to go (visit her) everyday you can.”

Ann M., Southwest Las Vegas

“So I wanted to share with you that I am now feeding all my honeys wet food for breakfast and dinner. I’m trying to ween them off dry food completely for their health and well being. Thank you for being that beacon of light, sharing your knowledge and kindness. It means a lot and is very much appreciated. Life is busy and it is nice when someone opens your eyes to a better way. So thank you from the babies and me.”   ….follow up “I took Kodie to the vet yesterday and they took blood. They said he looks good, teeth good and heart is good. He weighs 15 lbs and hasn’t thrown up since going on the wet food. So thank you for being a guiding light on this – thank you so much!!”

Tina C., Southwest Las Vegas

“Lisa is the best! My boyfriend and I had to go out of town for a wedding and we had no idea what to do with our 4 furry kids (cats). We’d never used a pet sitter before, so we spent a lot of time researching who to use. After several phone calls and checking each pet sitter’s website we decided to go with Lisa.

The first time Lisa came over for her initial meeting we knew that we’d made the right choice. She was so sweet with the kids. She was also very professional, finding out all of the details for our feeding regimen and supplement/medication needs.

While we were out of town she sent us daily emails with reports and pictures. It gave us peace of mind and we looked forward to each one. When we got home the kids looked great they had been brushed out (so they weren’t shedding everywhere haha) and the litter box was clean and tidy.

We’re really glad we found Lisa and now we don’t have to worry about what do to whenever we go out of town! Thanks Lisa!

–follow up review–

“(We) had to go out of town again in July (this review is a little late) for about 2.5 weeks.  Lisa is still amazing!  The kids were well taken care of when we were gone.  She even left a toy for them when we got back!  She updated us with emails and pictures every day to give us peace of mind.  The house was exactly how we left it and mail was picked up.  We no longer have to worry about the kids when on vacation as we know they (and the house) will be well taken care of.  Def give her a call on your next trip out of town.  You can pm me with any other questions.”

Ariana W., Summerlin

“This woman is nothing short of a saint. I went across the world for 10 days and she took such incredible care of my 2 kitties! She made me feel like she loved them just as much as I do!! She sent me the sweetest emails everyday along with videos and pictures. When I came back, my house was clean and my kittens were so happy! She is the only person I trust to take care of my babies when I’m away!!!!!”

Leonard V., Summerlin

“Lisa does an amazing job and was very caring towards the well being of our cat. Despite a cat that wasn’t exactly too cooperative and territorial,  she fed the cat on a daily basis, gave me phone updates, text messages and even video updates. If you need somebody to take care of your pet while you’re away.  She does an outstanding job and I highly recommend her.”

Reema S., Summerlin

“Lisa is absolutely AMAZING!!! She is so wonderful with my cats. Her genuine love for animals is hard to find. She is a thorough professional. Recently, I found a stray cat and contacted Lisa for help. She went above and beyond in helping me find a home for the cat. She even helped me with medicines and treats, vet recommendations, and was actively spreading the word for adoption in her rescue/foster network. I am always traveling stress free knowing that my cats are in great hands with Lisa. She is always sending photos and videos of my cats, which I really appreciate. I want to thank her with all my heart for the outstanding care she provides for my cats.”

Ryan H., North Summerlin

“We have used Lisa’s service about a half dozen times now to check in on our cat. She’s obviously a pet-lover herself. We always know our cat will be well taken care of and sends text updates and pictures galore. WONDERFUL!!”

Mitul S., Summerlin

“Lisa was absolutely great with our 5 cats. She is a thorough professional and provided us with daily updates (pictures & videos) via text message. She is very compassionate and knows how to win a cat’s trust & friendship, which we all know is not easy. One of our cats is very fussy about eating, and must eat out of a human hand, one that she trusts. Lisa managed to get friendly with her and would feed her out of her own hand. We were very touched by her genuine love for cats. She is highly recommended by us as a pet sitter. We are extremely happy to have found her.”

Dee D., Las Vegas

“Lisa is truly one of the most amazing pet sitters I’ve ever met and I’ve been through more than I could begin to keep track of… THE BEST.  I wish she were my forever neighbor so I could always have the comfort and peace of mind of her services. She was wonderful and loving beyond expression to my beloved kitty Bailey, who sadly recently passed on.

Bailey was a 16 yr old disabled special needs kitty that required a lot of gentle loving care and due to his condition I rarely ever stepped away from him the last 4 years of his life. Lisa gave me the confidence of being able to step away for a day or 2 occasionally and didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered with the amount of special care that he needed. She just took it all on with so much love as if it were all normal every-day kitty tasks for her own kitty.

She was the only person I felt I could trust Bailey with considering his condition and I could tell by watching her with him that he felt the kindred spirit connection and appreciated her loving care too. She would go to my place sometimes late night to tend to Bailey if I needed her to which I was so deeply grateful for as she has her own household and beloved pets to tend to. She would dote over Bailey and my other 2 kitty boys Rocky and Angel with such a gentle loving way, she’s truly an angel in human form.

Lisa would send me photos, videos and updates with stories every single visit to show me how my boys were doing. She would never rush or be in too much of a hurry and would go through Bailey’s checklist of needs with love. She would ask questions to make sure she was going through the routine correctly. She was always thorough, helpful and kind, She’s soft spoken, gentle mannered and kind putting owners and their beloved animals at ease, feeling safe and cared for. I truly feel her pet sitting services comes from the heart with her love for animals.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know their beloved pet will be 100% genuinely cared for with gentle loving care. I wish she could train pet sitters the etiquette that she naturally possess, she’s a true gem and I’m honored she was able to care for Bailey during his road home. She even sent condolences and shared in my loss of Bailey with his passing.

Thank you for everything Lisa. You go far beyond the call of duty. You’ve touched our hearts and I’m sure will touch many many others. You’re our 5 star girl and forever in our hearts.”

Kelly K., Las Vegas

“I am so at ease when Lisa watches my two cats. I can tell from her updates each visit that she give them as much love and attention as I do. Per my request, she always sends lots of photos, which makes it easier being away from home. Her initial visit, she asks all the right questions and takes notes. Her rates are very competitive, and if she’s already booked up, she’ll recommend back-up sitters for you. I cannot imagine a better catsitter for my fur-babies!”

Jessica B., Southwest Las Vegas

“There is no way to properly thank someone for the ability to have peace of mind! Knowing my two cats are being loved and cared for is top priority when I’m away and Lisa does that and more. She loves them as her own and knows their routines and personalities. I would be lost without her business and would refer her to anyone who asked. She is a blessing!”

Kirsten S., Summerlin

“I’ve been using Lisa’s services for my cats for a couple of years now and she is the best pet sitter I have had.  She even was able to charm one of my cats into actually coming out and getting pet while she was there.  She’s always responsive to emails and questions and sends me at least one update a day when she is taking care of them. Highly recommend her and her company!”

Angela D., Summerlin

“Lisa took care of Charlie(my cat) this past weekend. All I can say is WOW! This was my first time using Lisa.  She texted me and sent a video each day, she changed the litter box, and even left a detailed progress report when I arrived home. Charlie is a special needs cat and is usually stressed out when his family returns from a trip. Not this time- he was very calm and relaxed. Thank you Lisa for making Charlie feel so safe and loved!”

Kelly F., Las Vegas

“Lisa is awesome, I am so thankful I found her.  My one cat was diagnosed in 2013 with diabetes and has to receive insulin shots twice a day at 12 hour intervals.  For over a year, I wouldn’t take a vacation and I made sure I was always home at a specific time (AM and PM) to give her the shots.  

A friend recommended Lisa and I finally broke down and called her. I am very protective of my babies (I have 2 other cats besides my sick little girl) and very nervous to leave them with anyone.  As soon as Lisa came into my house I know she was an animal person and some of my nervousness started to fade.  She sat on the floor so my cats would feel more at easy and come to her.  Lisa understood my anxiety of leaving them and was very kind and reassuring,  

The first day I was gone Lisa texted me when she arrived at my house, after she give the shot and sent me pictures and videos.  I totally trust Lisa with my fur babies and know she gives them love.  In fact, I think Lisa spoils my babies as much or MORE than I do.

I have no quals at all about Lisa coming into my house.  I feel my babies are safe and loved when I’m gone.  Lisa is my ANGEL and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Nia N., Spring Valley

“My partner and I were traveling out of town for the weekend and needed a catsitter for our 2 beautiful kitties. Like many of you, I used Yelp to look for a catsitter and was pleased to find Lisa’s pet-sitting services. All the reviews on this page are 100% accurate with the experience we had with Lisa.

She came over for a free, brief consultation to meet us and the kitties before the weekend. Immediately, I could see and sense that she had a special way of connecting with them. Even though she already had a busy weekend schedule, she still offered to fit us in. Since it was our first time leaving them, it was a bit nerve racking, but Lisa easily made us feel confident that they were in loving hands.

She sent us daily text, picture, and video updates on how they were doing. It was clear to see that the kitties absolutely loved her and enjoyed her company. We truly appreciated her compassion as well as her professionalism. Lisa is such a genuine, sweet, and knowledgeable person. We were so grateful that she was the one to care for our kitties. We recommend her services to anyone and will definitely be using her again.

—(follow up review)—-

My partner and I went out of town for another weekend trip and once again Lisa provided exceptional care to our two kitty babies, Hunter & Snow. The picture and video text updates I receive when she visits reassures me that they are in great care.

I just wanted to give Lisa another shoutout because she is the best and I am so grateful to have her help when we need it. She’s very kind hearted and genuine and we can tell that she loves our kitties just as much as we do.”

Jenn B., Summerlin

“I had a senior cat with lymphoma and felt so stressed to leave her while I had a work conference.  I looked through Yelp and saw so many positive reviews for Lisa, and I was lucky enough to book her. Wow! It felt like my cat’s fairy godmother was visiting for the week. Lisa has a gentle and knowledgeable approach and made us feel at ease right away. Daily texts and photos, along with cute videos were so fun and made me feel good about my choice. And Lulu just loved her visits. The daily log/report card was super awesome too. Thank you Lisa!”

Scott M., Las Vegas

“Lisa developed a wonderful rapport with my cat and I returned to find a happier animal than when I had left her for vacation. She has a real knack to creating a relationship with animals. The details of the service were made very clear during negotiations. Lisa seems experienced and thorough. There is a questionnaire to complete about the pet(s) being cared for to ensure that each pet’s needs are handled, and in case of emergency, options are available.  Everything was carried out according to plan. I enjoyed the communication I received while I was away. I would be delighted to have Lisa care for my cat again.”

Elise S., Summerlin

“An awesome pet sitter. We just moved to Vegas and our pets have been nothing but drama, however Lisa takes it all in stride. I never have to worry as long as Lisa is there!! Thank you Lisa!!!

Jennifer B., Spring Valley

“Asked the travel agent if she knew a pet sitter as I was not happy with a previous sitter I had used-and she gave me the information for Lisa’s service. Her professional website and prompt return of my initial call, reasonable rates and obvious enjoyment of animals convinced me to use her service while away on a 16 day international trip for sitting my cat in our home. Her service far exceeded my expectations and daily messages with cute photos and updates were so fun to receive! I was very impressed with her attention to detail and communication regarding any questions or concerns-and my cat was in better condition than before leaving! (maybe Lisa is a cat whisperer with the hairbrush as my cat usually has low tolerance 🙂 Thank you for an exceptional experience!”

Raven C., Southwest Las Vegas

“Lisa is my angel and I wouldn’t know what I would do without her. My cats, dogs and I absolutely loooove her! She makes my trips so much more enjoyable by putting my heart at ease. I knew upon meeting her (2014) that she was someone I could trust and that she is an animal person who genuinely cares. I am truly grateful for having found her. By far the #1 petsitter!! I wish Yelp had more stars!!!!”

Igor K., Las Vegas

“We found Lisa on Yelp and didn’t have any previous experience leaving our cat at home when we are traveling. So we had a lot of questions and concerns but after the meeting with Lisa and Lizz, they were all gone. Very nice and friendly people, they really love pets. We were away almost two weeks out of country and every day we got messages and pictures of our cat, very easy to communicate even when we were in a very remote area, fast and prompt to respond. We definitely recommend Lisa to pet owners who love their animals. Very good job, thank you”

Jeff P., Southwest Las Vegas

“I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I was with what Lisa did while I was on vacation pet sitting my cats. Absolutely incredible! She sent me pictures and video everyday and a nice little text message to go with it 🙂 And when I got home there was a daily report which was very extensive. She has a client for life!”

Louise F., Summerlin

“Lisa took such great care of my 2 kitties! She sent me daily pictures and updates of her visits. They were in great hands. Thank you.”