Happy Cat Top 10

10 Things Cats Need Daily

Happy Cat, Happy Home


  1.  Fresh Water in clean bowls or fountains that kitty prefers (glass, ceramic/porcelain or lead-free stainless steel – no plastic) read more

  2.  Nutritious Food based on cat’s age/health needs in clean dishes read more

  3.  Clean Litter Box with fresh, 100% natural litter, cleaned daily, and the proper number of litter boxes for the number of cats in the household read more

  4.  Safe Place indoors where cat doesn’t feel threatened by other pets or outdoor predators read more

  5.  High Perch to observe surroundings (where family spends time) and preferably by a window read more

  6.  Communication with caretaker (talking, conversation, praise, etc.) read more

  7.  Energy Release through 15-20 minutes of interactive play with caretaker  read more

  8.  Instinct play (hunting) during playtime  read more

  9.  Touch, Companionship and Bonding with caretakers  read more

10.  Sleep in a quiet, warm, safe environment

Not all kitties like to be touched the same way or even like to be touched at all for various reasons; however, it is important to find what your kitty’s love language is when it comes to physical and/social connection. Maybe it’s just eye contact with a slow blink and, daily sweet talk and praise, or maybe it’s just a “rub by” (when she rubs up against your leg before a meal).  Maybe she just enjoys being close to you when sitting on the couch.  Sometimes it’s a matter of earning her trust over a period of time before she is willing to accept the physical affection.

Not all cats seek companionship from other pets either; however, don’t be quick to assume not. As your cat ages, the less tolerant she may become to welcoming a new pet in the home. It is recommended to adopt two cats that are bonded at the same time (or two kittens) as opposed to one (if possible) rather than introducing a new cat down the road.