Prep for Your Sitter

Preparing for Your Cat Sitter

Prior to Your Trip

(1-2 weeks before)

  • Confirm your scheduled pet sitting visits / reservation in the Client Portal under “Schedule” where you can view your master reservation calendar.
  • While in the Client Portal, update your personal, home and pet information. Make sure emergency contact information, gate codes and pet feeding, medication and health history information are current. If a new client, please complete online registration process via the Client Portal and complete the Pet Medical Consent and Release Form (02/2020) and the Key Handling Agreement (02/2020).
  • Ensure that there will be enough food, treats, kitty litter, supplements, medications, etc. for the time you will be away. If not, please place an online order and have it shipped to the house.
  • Make sure there will be enough cleaning supplies as well (e.g., paper towels, wipes, cleaning solution, carpet cleaner, etc.) and that they are easily accessible.
  • If your cat(s) has a microchip, be sure it is registered. If you have moved, be sure to update this information.
  • Let your veterinarian know in advance that you will be out of town and that a pet sitter will be caring for your cat(s). If traveling out of the country or on a cruise, we suggest leaving a credit card on file with your vet’s office. Make sure your Pet Medical Consent and Release Form (02/2020) is up to date.
  • If traveling out of the country or on a cruise, leave your travel itinerary and your preferred method for updates (e.g., email, WhatsApp, etc.)

Prepare Your Home

  • For home & sitter security, please make sure outdoor lighting is working at front door and any areas where sitter will be entering or exiting the home.
  • Replace batteries in garage key pads and remotes, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (if they haven’t been changed in 8 months – Murphy’s Law, they will start chirping while you are away!)
  • Secure the home (windows closed and locked) and the yard.
  • Test the sitter’s alarm code. If you will be out of the country or on a cruise (unreachable), please leave the password for the alarm company with your sitter. You can set up a temporary password with the alarm company for the period you are out of town.

Prepare for Departure

(day before and day of trip)

  • Leave extra water and food out for your babies. When canned food is being served, leaving a second set of food dishes is helpful so your sitter can feed kitties while the dirty dishes are soaking.
  • Clean litter boxes and empty Litter Genie / dirty litter pail (if used); leave enough bags for cleaning litter boxes each day/visit; and place extra litter by litter boxes and please carry litter upstairs (if necessary). Not all sitters can carry heavy litter containers upstairs.
  • Leave only safe toys out for your cat(s) to play with while you’re away. Let your cat sitter know where the other toys or catnip are hidden, and she will bring them out only during visits.
  • Potentially dangerous plants or decorations should be put somewhere that your cat(s) won’t be able to get to them while you are out of town. Pets get bored when left alone for longer periods of time and will often get into things they may not otherwise mess with. To review a list of cat toxins, click here.
  • If your cat is on a new medication or if feeding instructions have changed, leave a detailed not for sitter in the house as a reminder.
  • Place your cat carriers in an easily accessible location and let sitter know the location (this can be noted in the client portal).
  • Let the sitter know if there will be any other individuals on the property while you are away and what day(s) to expect them (e.g., landscaper, housecleaner, pool cleaner, friends, etc.)
  • Inform your sitter of anything that may be out of the ordinary in the home (e.g., sinks or toilets that should not be used) and what doors/rooms should be kept closed.
  • Set thermostats at a reasonable temperature.
  • If your sitter’s first visit will be after dark, be sure to leave an outside light on where she will be entering home.
  • Feel free to place trash bins out on the street, if it is your ‘trash day’. The sitter will bring them back in for you.
  • Leave payment in the home or process payment online. If new client, leave the two required forms in the house with payment/notes.
  • If hiding house key for sitter, remember to leave it!

When You Return Home

Send text to your sitter to let her know you returned home safely to your babies.

If there are any concerns about pet or home care, please contact us immediately at 702.292.4950 or email. We want to know how we can improve upon our service.

If everything was great, we love to hear that too! 🙂

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