Specialized Care

Cat Sitting
  • Home visits when caregiver is away
  • 30, 45 or 60 minute visits, 1x or 2x a day
  • Specialized care for medical needs and behavioral issues
  • Sitters background cleared annually
  • Licensed, bonded & insured
Kitty Nurse
  • Medication administration including injections and subcutaneous fluids
  • Provided while caregiver is at home or away
  • Will teach caregiver how to administer medication and/or trim nails peacefully
Cat Lyft
  • Transportation to vet/grooming appointment
  • Will place cat in carrier for caregiver (will teach how to do this too)

Discover what makes All About Purrs different from other pet sitters and read what clients are saying about us.

Cat care services are provided to cat lovers in West Las Vegas (Summerlin, Southwest & Spring Valley). Please review the service area map before contacting us.

For more information on our services and rates, click here.

Behavior Solutions

Feline Success Programs

We work proactively with families and their beloved felines by offering the following programs to prevent possible behavior problems from developing when life brings changes:

  • New Cat Introduction
  • New Baby on the Way
  • Moving to a New Home
  • Long-Distance Cat Travel
  • How to Train Your Cat
  • Start from Scratch (Reintroduction)
Feline Family Therapy

We problem solve these common feline behavior issues with families and their cats before it erodes the relationship beyond repair:

  • Destructive Scratching
  • Litter Box Avoidance
  • Spraying/Marking
  • Biting/Nipping
  • Fearful Behavior
  • Aggression between Cats
  • Aggression toward Humans
  • Excessive Vocalization
  • Compulsive Licking/Sucking/Chewing
  • Nighttime Behavior
  • Counter/Table Surfing
  • Door Dashing
  • Curtain/Screen Climbing
  • Plant Nibbling

In-home behavior assessment and modification is provided to cat lovers across the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson. We also offer remote services, phone consultations and answer email questions.

For more information on feline behavior services, rates and what is included in a behavior modification program, click here.

Adoption Success

New Cat Guardian

This program provides help selecting:

Rescue & Cat

  • Rescue Group to adopt from that has properly socialized and medically vetted the cats
  • Cat/Kitten that is the right match for your family and other pets

Home Preparation

  • Cat Litter that is healthy for your cat and family and a Litter Box that will get used by your new cat
  • Nutritious Food that will nourish the obligate carnivore you just brought home
  • Scratching Posts and other cat furniture that will get used and reduce scratching on your belongings
  • Interactive Toys your kitty will love and that will exercise the predator instinct in your feline
  • and, much more!

We offer this service to assist new cat guardians in making sound adoption decisions and to save money by purchasing the best items from the beginning–ones that will get used rather than tossed!  This assists you and your new kitty get off on the right paw.

We believe a happy cat makes for a happy home!

New Cat Introduction

Introducing a new cat to your resident cat is one of the most frightening and frustrating aspects of living with felines. It’s often a nail-biting experience but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to do a gradual introduction and give the cats a reason to like each other. One mistake can ruin any possibility of a future relationship between the cats.

There is a step-by-step process that almost always works when implemented slowly and consistently. This program guides you through those steps and provides you the daily support to successfully get through those critical first 2-3 weeks.

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