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All About Purrs offers in-your-home cat sitting services and care for your cats with special needs. Some may require additional medical care for insulin injections or subcutaneous fluids and others may need a unique skill set due to behavior issues. Whatever the individual need, we love and appreciate all cats for their uniqueness and provide the compassionate, loving care they all deserve. Our professional services are affordable and all-inclusive. Your home visits will include feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, playtime, brushing, loving attention as well as home care. We are licensed, bonded and insured. All sitters are background cleared annually.

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All About Purrs helps caregivers nurture healthy feline behaviors while managing the occasional problematic ones. We encourage guardians to learn why cats behave the way they do. There are natural, innate feline behaviors and reasons for them that caregivers cannot change but they can learn to effectively manage. With this understanding, caregivers can provide cats with more of what they require to be happy which in turn will reduce the behavior issues.* Working together with cat families to educate and find solutions, All About Purrs can improve a cat’s environment for a win-win for both the cat and the family.

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 *Must always rule out medical issue with a licensed veterinarian first.

All About Purrs offers a Cat Adoption Success program to families who have rescued or plan to rescue a cat or kitten. We will facilitate the adoption process with a reputable rescue organization, prepare the family home for new cat and assist the family with how to best care for a feline. Our goal is to keep cats in their adoptive homes—out of shelters and off the streets by reducing the chances of behavior issues arising after adoption. We want every family member to build a healthy, loving bond with the new kitty. We understand this can be challenging if the cat is acting out because she is not feeling well, is unsettled or stressed due to all the new changes. The goal of All About Purrs is to set the family and the cat up for success from the beginning. (However, if we need to come into the process later, we are happy to do so. Our goal is always the same.)

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If you adopt a cat from a Las Vegas Cat Rescue, your initial Adoption Success or Behavior Solutions program is complimentary for one year from your cat’s adoption date. Proof of adoption agreement required and must be presented at initial consultation (phone or in-person). 

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Lisa with Jackson Galaxy "The Cat Daddy" (2019 Las Vegas Cat Camp)

Meet Lisa

Lisa, the creator of All About Purrs, loves cats! She is passionate about caring for them, and their health and happiness. Her mission is to improve the quality of life for cats and caregivers through professional cat care, behavior education, an adoption success program and by giving back to the feline welfare community.

Lisa was raised on a ranch in Northern California where she loved and cared for many different animals; however, she has always had a fondness for cats. She discovered at a young age she had an innate ability to connect with felines–to communicate with them and to understand their individual differences and needs.

As a cat behavior consultant, Lisa recognizes the key to successful behavior modification is one centered around Thinking Like A Cat–for by understanding a cat’s motivations, needs and communications, we can enjoy a close, rewarding relationship with our feline best friends.

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FREE Cat Sitting consultations are offered throughout the Summerlin, Las Vegas area (89144, 89138, 89135, 89134 and portions of 89148 & 89117)

Submit your Behavior Question for a 30-minute phone consultation or email response (your choice). To book a Behavior Assessment appointment, submit a Behavior Inquiry.

If you are interested in learning more about our Adoption Success Programs, submit a Adoption Program Inquiry for a FREE phone consultation.

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professional pet sitting software

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