Cat Sitting

All About Purrs

We love cats and are passionate about their health & happiness when you have to be away from them. We offer professional and loving (in-your-home) cat sitting services to fellow cat lovers and those rescuing felines in the community.

We understand and appreciate all cats for their uniqueness, and provide the compassionate and loving care they all deserve. We will care for your cats as if they are our own.

Our #1 priority is your cat’s safety, comfort and well-being while you are away from home.

Our #2 priority is home security and care including your privacy and confidentiality.

We are owner-operated by a true cat lover. When we hire part-time assistance, we carefully screen and recruit trustworthy, reliable and mature cat sitters. All caretakers are insured, bonded and background cleared annually. They are also trained to care for your kitties as well as your home.

Our services are affordable and all-inclusive.

Home Visits

All visits include feeding & fresh water, litter box cleaning, playtime, brushing & loving attention as well as special needs & home care.


 *** 10% Off First Booking ***

$22-26/visit    1-2 cats    30-45 mins

$26-30/visit    2-3 cats    45-60 mins

$30-40/visit    4-6+cats   60-90 mins

  • Rates are subject to change at time of consultation per any special requests and may be updated periodically. 
  • Rates are based on estimated service time which is determined by several factors (e.g., number of cats, special needs care and any additional home care requested / required). 
  • Unplanned /emergency visits and visits on major holidays will include a $5 surcharge.
  • Visits outside our Service Area will include a mileage surcharge.
  • 10% off first booking requires 7 days advance notice and completion of online registration process via the Client Portal after initial consultation.
  • Current clients are exempt from new rates until further notice (grandfathered in) if service has been booked within the last year (from 1/1/2019).

What Makes Us Different

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Other Cat Care Services

Kitty Nurse (medication administration including injections and subcutaneous fluids)

Cat Lyft (transportation to vet / grooming appointment)

Feline Mommy Helper (will teach you how to give meds peacefully and assistance with other kitty needs like nail trimming)

Kitty / Guardian Therapy (will help you problem solve feline issues)

New Cat Owner?  Would you like some help selecting:

  • cat litter that is healthy for your cat and your family
  • nutritious food that will prolong your kitty’s life and reduce future vet bills
  • scratching posts and other cat furniture that will get used
  • toys your kitty will love
  • and, much more!

We offer this service to assist new cat guardians save money by purchasing the right items initially and ones that will get used rather than tossed!  This helps you and your new kitty get off on the right paw. We believe a happy cat is a happy home.

If you are interested in one of the above services, please submit a general inquiry.

All About Purrs serves cat lovers in West Las Vegas (Summerlin, Southwest & Spring Valley). Review the service area map before contacting us.

For more information on our cat sitting services and Lisa, who will be caring for you kitties, click here.