New Cat Introductions

How to Successfully Introduce a New Cat

Cat Introductions Series Created by Jackson Galaxy

A note about this series from Jackson Galaxy:

Introducing cats to other animals can be a tricky affair. That said, it can also be smooth sailing, with very little potential conflict. And, it could fall somewhere between the two. Every animal is an individual, as is every human and every household. That’s exactly why I’ve made this series exhaustive in detail; I want to serve as many of those individuals as possible, and set everyone up for the best life possible.

Please don’t think that just because I’ve covered every angle, that means that cats are better left living on their own. I believe strongly that, by and large, cats should be with other cats. You may find that to serve the needs of both humans and non-humans in your home, you can move through some of these steps with ease. Great! And it’s equally fine if it takes awhile to get from beginning to end. Just remember: in the world of relationships, nothing is ever one-size-fits-all. It’s a process best served by being patient, empathetic, and mindful.

Cat Introductions Part 1:  Before The Introduction
  • Introduces you to the fundamental steps you must take before you bring your new cat home.
Cat Introductions Part 2:  Welcome Home
  • Introduces you to Jackson’s “Base Camp” concept which will ensure the smoothest initial transition for your new arrival into your home.
Cat Introductions Part 3:  Dinner Time
  • Introduces you to the centerpiece of Jackson’s protocol – a specific feeding ritual which will give you the best shot at the most harmonious, face-to-face introduction.
Cat Introductions Part 4:  Love At First Sight
  • Introduces you to the critical step of establishing visual access between the cats for the first time and a number of options/tips for keeping things as smooth as possible during this important step.
Cat Introductions Part 5:  The Final Countdown
  • Introduces the concept of Eat-Play-Love with both cats in the same room together.

Don’t want to go through the Cat Introduction process alone, All About Purrs can support you through it. If you are here in Las Vegas, we can visit your home an assess your Base Camp location, set up and much more. We will assist you through each step of the series and answer all your questions as they arise. ⇓    

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