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Cat Sitting Service Terms

Pet Sitting clients are responsible for reading and acknowledging their understanding of the following cat sitting terms of service via the client portal at the time of registration, updates and service requests. Any questions must be addressed prior to service, otherwise, it is assumed client is in agreement with service terms as written. These terms apply to all pets not just cats.


Prior to registering via the Client Portal and submitting your initial service request, please contact All About Purrs via email, text or phone to confirm All About Purrs is accepting new Clients and/has availability to accommodate your service dates. Text message is preferred and the most expedient means.



A FREE consultation is required before service can begin.  The consultation usually takes approximately 30 minutes and is scheduled at your home.  The meeting is an opportunity for you and your cat(s) to meet your sitter, and to go over all important pet history and pet care information in person with your sitter.  Any specific home care needs will also be discussed as our visits include mail, newspaper and package pick up, putting out or bringing in trash bins, light plant care, etc.

Your sitter will take personal notes during the consultation, but we will ask you to complete the online registration process via the Client Portal prior to the first visit. This does not have to be completed before the consultation.

Standard visit fees will be assessed for any follow up consultations that may be necessary when changes in care arise or if Client moves.



(First Booking)

New Clients booking for the first time who schedule service 7 days in advance of the first visit and who complete the full registration process online via the Client portal prior to the first visit are eligible for 10% Off First Booking.  This is not applicable to overnight or special needs care. Discount only applicable one per household.



(Booking / Scheduling Service)

Reservations can be made conveniently via the Client Portal at www.AllAboutPurrs.com. Please schedule early, as soon as you have tentative travel dates.  We suggest sending a text to All About Purrs prior to submitting a service request for dates within 30 days of your first visit (and 120 days prior to major holidays).  Service requests for visits 2x day can be difficult to schedule under short notice.



We request a 2-hour window for your preferred visit time(s) unless a shorter window is required for medication. We will do our best to meet this preferred time frame. However, there will be times when we must triage (prioritize) visits in order of medical need or other urgent pet care related matters that have unexpectedly arisen. We will always keep you informed of any schedule changes/ updates, and at no time will your cat’s care be compromised.



As a client of All About Purrs, you can conveniently manage your account online utilizing a secure system via Pet Sitter Plus. Once logged in to the Client Portal, you have the benefit of a wide range of features including access to current and previous invoices, payment information, access to view and change your personal and pet data, and you can make service requests.  You will have access to an individual master calendar of all your approved service requests as well.



Home Visits are booked for 30, 45 or 60 minutes either 1x or 2x per day. The visits include all standard care (feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, playtime and lots of love). If basic medication is required on a short-term basis, this is included as well. The visit also includes light home care (lights, blinds, mail, packages, trash, plants). Home visits are scheduled/ accepted based on time available in the schedule.  Administration of insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids can also be scheduled.

Transportation Services to a veterinary or grooming appointment are subject to availability.  Client is required to make appointment and prepay for services at the animal hospital or groomer and provide pet transportation carrier.

Medication Administration is provided per the specific instructions given by Client.  All About Purrs’ sitters are not veterinarians or veterinary technicians. Client must be very clear and detailed when leaving medication instructions. Please let sitter know if daily medication has been given already on departure day if sitter will be visiting same day.

To ensure the safety and health of your cats, we require 1 visit every other day at a minimum while you’re away. We will not deviate from this policy.



Please provide key(s)/ code(s)/ fob(s)/ remote(s) and any other device(s) to enter home/ garage/ yard, as necessary, to care for your cats and home. All About Purrs will only use them for the sole purpose of caring for your cats and/or home during authorized service periods.

In the event we need to employ a locksmith to enter your home due to a malfunction of a lock, remote or key or your failure to leave any of the before mentioned, it will be your responsibility to reimburse All About Purrs for locksmith expenses and sitter time.

If preferred home access is via an automated door lock or garage code, in which a malfunction is possible, we highly recommend a back-up method be provided (e.g., key hidden on property or left with neighbor, etc.)

We will place an identifying code on your key(s) & device(s), however, they will not be marked with a last name or address. When not in use, all key(s) or device(s) will be stored in a secure location.

When applicable, your key(s) will automatically be retained by All About Purrs at the end of each service period for future service and any remote(s)/ fob(s) will be returned (left in the home).

Key Returns:

If you would prefer key(s) be left at the last visit, please make request ahead of time or leave a note in your home on the first day of service and provide instructions on how to secure your home while leaving the key(s). You understand that we will not be able to access your home again after we have left the key(s), including in the case of emergency or delay in your return home unless a lock box is used.

Key return at the last scheduled visit of service is free of charge. We provide a first-time client courtesy pick-up and drop-off of key(s) and device(s), thereafter, a $18-20 fee is charged per pick-up and drop-off.



Please check your home for pet safety and sitter security before leaving. This includes leaving appropriate outdoor and indoor lighting on and removing any potential items in sitter’s walking path. Pet living areas should be free from any potential toxins, choking or swallowing hazards, etc. The condition of the home and living areas must be left safe and healthy for the pets in our care. All About Purrs will not be held responsible for injuries and illnesses of pets that may occur during your absence unless it is due to the negligence of All About Purrs’ sitters.



All About Purrs reserves the right to refuse service based on pet temperament, condition of the home and/or pet living environment or care, or simply because we do not have availability in our schedule.

If service request has been confirmed and we arrive to find the home not clean or so cluttered that we cannot provide full service, then minimal service will be provided to assure all cats are cared for until client returns home. Same applies should there be a serious temperament issue with a cat that we are not able to resolve.

It is your responsibility to provide an environment that encourages the optimal care. This includes a safe, clean, clutter-free home with adequate pet care supplies. 



Standard policy is to update each client during each visit via text message. We will send a few photos and/or videos as well. If you prefer an alternate method (e-mail or WhatsApp), less frequency or no photos/ videos, then please notate in Client Portal under Visit Preferences. Also, we are happy to modify your preferred method for a particular trip (e.g., cruise, travel out of the country, different time zone).



During cat sitting services, for the purpose of providing clients with visit updates, sitters may photograph and take video of your pet(s). From time to time, the photographs/video may be used for advertising or marketing purposes to promote All About Purrs. At no time will your privacy, confidential information, name or home location be disclosed in such photographs/video or publication. All About Purrs shall retain an irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable copyright on all pet photography/video personally taken during pet care. Pet names may be used in social media posts unless client requests otherwise in writing.



First Time Clients: If the first booking is 4 days or less, then payment is due upon return from trip or when keys are returned. This is a one-time courtesy exception to the standard payment policy.

Short Term / Weekend Trips (4 days or less)

  • 100% Due at FIRST VISIT via Cash/ Personal Check left in the home before leaving for trip or Electronic Payment sent before date of first visit.

Long Term / Vacation Care (5 days or more)

Payment options:


  • 50% Due at FIRST VISIT via Cash or Personal Check left in the home before leaving for trip or Electronic Payment sent before date of first visit.
  • 50% Due at LAST VISIT via Personal Check left in home before leaving for trip or Electronic Payment sent within 3 days of final visit. Check will be processed on or after the day of the last scheduled visit.

PLAN 2   

  • 100% Due by First Visit via Personal Check left in home before leaving for trip or Electronic Payment sent before date of first visit. Check will be cashed 2-3 days into service.

A 5% Processing Fee will be assessed on PayPal and Credit Card payments via Client Portal. Fee will be assessed on Venmo payments as well if not sent via “Friends & Family”.

Discounts and special offers require full payment at time of first visit.

No refunds on advance payment; credit will be issued toward future visits when applicable.

All forms of payment accepted including Cash, Check, Credit Cards via Client Portal, PayPal, Venmo, Apply Pay and Zelle. If a processing fee is included on your invoice yet you are not paying via Credit Card or PayPal, then please deduct the fee from the total before submitting or leaving payment.

Make checks payable to:  All About Purrs

Send PayPal or Zelle payments to: [email protected]

Send Venmo to: @AllAboutPurrs (no service fee if sent as “Friends & Family”)

Credit card information can be securely stored via the Client Portal using Stripe, if you wish, for future payments.

See Cancellation Policy.



Key Pick up & Drop off – $18-20 each way*

Cancellations / Changes – See policies and fees below

Pick up of Unpaid Balance – 1 visit fee (except when returning key)

Emergency / Late Booking / Holiday Surcharge – $10 per visit

*All About Purrs provides a first-time courtesy pick-up and drop-off of key(s) and device(s).



A $10 per visit Holiday Fee will apply to the following major holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (1/1)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (7/4)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (12/24)
  • Christmas Day (12/25)
  • New Year’s Eve (12/31)



If you need to cancel a reservation and the first visit is scheduled to start within the week, as a courtesy, please text All About Purrs at 702.292.4950 immediately. Otherwise, you can cancel online via the Client Portal (assuming you reserved through the portal).

If you are scheduled for once a day visits and you cancel booked services within 72-hours of the first scheduled visit, there is a 3-day cancellation fee due. If you are scheduled for twice a day visits and cancel booked services within 30 days of the first scheduled visit, there is a 50% cancellation fee due. For the twice a day visits, cancellations within 14 days of the first visit require full payment. If you have pre-paid and cancelled prior to the the respective cancellation cutoff period, a credit will be issued to your All About Purrs account.

We are not able to refund or issue credits should you return home earlier than planned.

Rescheduling a trip is considered a cancellation if within a cancellation cutoff period


All About Purrs reserves the right to charge a late booking fee for “last minute” or “numerous” schedule changes. A $10 late booking fee will be assessed per visit for changes made within the 72-hour period. This includes unscheduled visits added-on to the end of a trip.

As noted above, rescheduling a trip is considered a cancellation and fees apply. See Cancellation policy.



You authorize All About Purrs’ sitter caring for your cat(s) to seek veterinary treatment for them during your absence based on the conditions outlined in the Pet Medical Consent and Release form (signed at consultation).

You understand that every attempt will be made by All About Purrs to utilize your preferred veterinarian; however, in the event of an emergency, and at the cat sitter’s discretion, you authorize the sitter to have your cat treated at the nearest veterinary office or emergency clinic.

You acknowledge that accidents, are by definition, unforeseeable and treatments vary accordingly. You accept all financial responsibility for costs arising from such treatment and you are bound by the attending veterinary practices’ payment and/or insurance policies. If your cat is covered by a pet insurance policy, it is your responsibility to include this information on the reverse side of the Pet Medical Consent and Release Form or in the Client Portal.

You understand every attempt will be made by All About Purrs to contact you if such treatment becomes necessary, but you also recognize that in your absence, sitter or the veterinary practice may not be able to establish contact, in which case you will make your treatment wishes known on the Pet Medical Consent and Release Form.

Should euthanasia be the recommended professional veterinary solution for your pet’s condition, you have the option to AUTHORIZE or NOT AUTHORIZE the attending veterinarian to administer this treatment in your absence on the Pet Medical Consent and Release Form. Should you decline authorization, you accept full financial responsibility for any treatment deemed necessary and without limit, to sustain the life of your pet until you can be present or can give written consent.

You understand it is your responsibility to update information should your wishes change as well as to keep All About Purrs up to date on current medical conditions and history for your cat(s), and any changes to your preferred veterinarian.

(Print new Pet Medical Consent and Release Form; Update and leave in your home at anytime for All About Purrs’ sitter to pick up)



You agree not to hold All About Purrs, LLC and/or All About Purrs’ pet sitters liable for the outcome of any veterinary treatment provided under the terms of a Medical Consent & Release form. Furthermore, you agree that unless sitter can be found criminally negligent, All About Purrs, LLC and/or the sitter cannot be found responsible for the cause of any accident, illness or injury to your pet.



In an emergency, if your preferred vet is closed, then pet will be taken to the 24-hour Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care (VECC) facility at 8650 W. Tropicana Ave., Suite 104, Las Vegas (Corner of Tropicana & Durango). Back up to this facility will be the West Flamingo Animal Hospital, 5445 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas (Flamingo & Lindell).



Terms of Service & Rates are subject to change without notice. However, we will do our best to give notice to you, our valuable client, whenever possible. An updated copy of Terms of Service will always be included at Client Portal login.



It is All About Purrs’ expectation that any dispute or miscommunication can be resolved with a phone call and communication. However, in those situations where this has failed, the terms of service require mediation as the next resolution step.

Mediation is a process under which parties submit their dispute to an impartial, neutral mediator who will work to achieve with the parties a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute. The mediator is not empowered to impose a solution on the parties.

You and All About Purrs agree to first pursue in good faith the mediation of any dispute arising out of the care of your home and pet(s) before resorting to arbitration or any other legal remedy. Mediation fees, if any, shall be divided equally between you and All About Purrs.



For questions regarding the Terms of Service, please contact Lisa.

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