Reasons to Give

Lifesaving Programs

The most effective way to save lives is to treat the root causes that create animals in need. Mission: Possible 2020 (The Animal Foundation, Las Vegas, Nevada) includes an expansion of many of their existing programs, plus the launch of several new top-tier lifesaving programs.  This is a sample of how The Animal Foundation (which is still a kill shelter) uses its lifesaving donations.



Community Cats Program

Most community cats, meaning cats that roam free in residential and commercial areas, are there because they already have a food source. It is difficult to find them homes after they’ve been brought into the shelter. The Community Cats program is a trap and release program designed to save the lives of these cats, while at the same time protecting them and reducing the overall cat population. Community cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped for identification, and then returned to the area from which they came. Negative behaviors like howling, fighting, and marking territory stop or decrease after sterilization. The cats are vaccinated against disease, and most importantly, the population will be controlled with no new litters of kittens.

IMPACT: Approximately 4,000 cats served and saved annually


Keeping People and Pets Together (KEPPT)

The surrender intervention program is designed to keep more pets in homes through:

  • Managed intake: Pet owners wishing to relinquish a pet make an appointment to discuss options and resources available through The Animal Foundation.
  • Community resources: Providing pet owners in need with a variety of resources from pet food assistance to medical and housing resources.
  • Lost Pet Reunion: Increased English and Spanish outreach to educate community pet owners about what to do when their pet gets lost.

IMPACT: Approximately 3,000 pets served annually


Spay/Neuter, Vaccine and Micro-Chip Promotions

The Animal Foundation offers promotional opportunities for spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, and microchips to encourage pet owners to take part in responsible pet ownership practices.

IMPACT: Approximately 2,400 lives impacted annually


Adoption Promotions

The Animal Foundation runs promotions discounting adoption fees to ensure all who want to add a new family member to their home are able to do so.

IMPACT: Approximately 3,000 lives impacted annually


Paw Partner Program

The Animal Foundation continues to increase its transfer partner base that sends animals to parts of the country that do not face the same challenges as Las Vegas.

IMPACT: Approximately 3,000 lives saved annually


Foster Program

The Animal Foundation’s goal is to continue to grow its Foster Program that allows the Foundation to place additional animals in foster homes and to formalize additional sub-programs such as Foster Ambassadors and Foster-to-Adopt.

IMPACT: Approximately 1,000 lives saved annually


Companion Animal Rehabilitation & Enhancement Fund (CARE)

In order to save more lives, The Animal Foundation will be expanding its current medical capabilities and resources to treat sick and injured pets. This fund will be used to enhance those services.

IMPACT: Hundreds of lives saved annually


The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV)
December 16, 2018