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Compassionate, Attentive & Loving

We cat sit because we love spending time with cats. We do not run in and out of your home. This would only place added stress on your cat. Instead, we spend quality time interacting with your kitty during each visit. We guarantee you will return home to a relaxed, healthy and happy cat.

We love to work with those special kitties that are shy or fearful of strangers. We are very patient with them and take our time to build trust that will last a lifetime.

We work with cats that have aggression issues. We understand the unique origins of such behaviors and do not ever hold it against the cats.  We have techniques we can use to work with these situations.

Trustworthy & Reliable

We are 100% committed to scheduled dates and times. All visits are triaged/ prioritized in order of care needs on a daily basis, thus, we do request you be flexible.  In addition, from time to time, when a cat sitting emergency arises or an unforeseen circumstance related to cat or home care during our visits, we may ask for your patience as we may need to change a scheduled visit time. At no time will we ever jeopardize the health of your cat.

We complete a visit log during each visit that is left in your home.  We will also send an update via text each visit with pictures/videos of your cat.  This will bring a smile to your face and bring you peace of mind during your travels.

We have an emergency backup plan in place and pet sitters available to cover visits should an emergency arise.

Privacy, Confidentiality & Security

Lisa or an approved sitter is the ONLY person who will ever enter your home and care for your cats (only exception would be if an emergency arises and in this situation you would be contacted for approval).

We will never bring other pets in your home or around your cats.

Maintaining home security is a top priority as well; we will ensure all doors and windows are secure, and alarm is set. Anything out of place will be reported to client immediately.

Your personal property is respected and kept confidential; we will never release your name, address or personal information to a third party. This includes through social media postings and photos / videos (personal information will be redacted).

Professionalism & Experience

We are Licensed (NV State Business ID: NV20131415867), Insured and Bonded.

Lisa is an active member of the following professional organizations: National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Pet Sitters International and Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Lisa and all back up sitters have been Background Cleared annually.

All About Purrs serves cat lovers in West Las Vegas (Summerlin, Southwest & Spring Valley). Please review the service area map prior to contacting us.

For more information on our cat sitting services and Lisa, who will be caring for you kitties, click here.

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