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As you might guess, Lisa, the founder of All About Purrs, is passionate about the well-being of cats. She was raised on a ranch in Northern California where she loved and cared for many different animals; however, she had a particular fondness for cats. Lisa discovered at a young age an innate ability to connect with her feline friends. She was able to understand their individual differences and needs, and communicate with them in a meaningful way.

Lisa has a special place in her heart for our rescue friends. Her babies were all rescued either from a local rescue group or from the streets. Thus, she devotes time networking resources for the many wonderful animal welfare organizations in our community and assists in the feeding of community cats.

Lisa had been pet sitting part-time for friends and family for 10 years in Las Vegas before making it a full-time business in February 2013 after being laid off from the Nevada Cancer Institute. This was the purrfect time to turn her love for animals into a business in which she could assist others with their pet care needs while also fulfilling her passion for animals. Her successful pet sitting business (All About Love Pet Care) grew from a full service pet care business to one focusing only on feline care (All About Purrs) by the end of 2018.

During the last seven years, Lisa has developed a strong interest in what she believes is a correlation between feline nutrition and health as a result of the over 10,000 feline home visits she has made. She also recognized a need for feline behavior education and solutions to reduce the number of cats being abandoned and rehomed due to “behavior issues”.  She has personally experienced the power of knowledge, and ultimately the All About Purrs website was born from a drive to share life-saving and life-changing information with fellow cat lovers so more kitties will live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

She is a member of Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. She has signed The Pledge of Professional Conduct designed to guide members in the conduct of business through the highest standards of ethical behavior and humane attitudes towards animals and people, and she passes annual Background Checks. Lisa is also a member and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. Her insurance certificate includes a pet care surety bond.

Lisa worked as a professional administrator for over 26 years including 5 years as a CCSD teacher. She went to school in Southern California (UCSB) before moving to Las Vegas in 2002 with her husband and kitties. She holds two master’s degrees but believes feline care, education and rescue is right where she was meant to land. Lisa can’t imagine a life without her furry best friends. They are her kids…not only her own kitties but yours.

Lisa’s home base is Summerlin (Las Vegas, Nevada). For more information on cat sitting services, rates, terms of services or to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Lisa.

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